FACC 2022-2023


FACC 2022-2023

In a few weeks, the Assembly of Francophone Communities of Ontario Durham-Peterborough (ACFO-DP) will launch a new intergenerational initiative that promises to alleviate loneliness of young Franco-Ontarians and that of seniors.

As part of its community development mission, and with the previous Action Fund, ACFO-DP was able to target Francophone seniors and young people more directly during the pandemic. In calling on French-speaking stakeholders in the region and using digital platforms,
ACFO-DP was able to bring together young people and seniors in these various universes, contributing to the improvement of their mental health.

With this project, both young and old will have the opportunity to look back on a difficult period, to discuss their respective points of view, to share the life lessons they have learned, and to celebrate the future of the Francophonie, its contribution to arts and culture, its socio-economic importance and its role in a more responsible, more open, more prosperous, more inclusive society. presentation that will close the forum will be the product of the compilation of these exchanges and its expression
through the performing arts.

ACFO-DP is proud to have the support of Heritage Canada to develop a program that will,
undoubtedly, break the two solitudes.